In Oyun, the juggler builds up a perfectly balanced structure, he creates his own space in the stage outlining the air and especially defying gravity while pursuing harmony among all the elements involved. Oyun (‘game’ in Turkish) is a universe of cooking pots. Everything revolves around pots, spoons, ropes, balls…

Oyun is a unique and innovative show for all kind of audience, combining humor, rhythm, originality and a refined technique of juggling.


  • Oyun has been nominated for “best circus show” and “best circus artist” at the 2019 Performing Arts awards of the Valencian Institute of Culture.
  • Oyun has obtained the recognition of the Recommended Show  by the Spanish Network of Theaters (Red Española de Teatros “Redescena”).
  • Oyun has obtained the first award “Best street circus show” at the 2020 Circus Awards Zirkólika in Cataluña.
  • Oyun has obtained the first award “Sois Cultura 2019” in the category “New creators”.

This show has obtained also the following awards at the Circada Festival 2018 in Sevilla (Spain):

  • 2nd  Prize Circada 2018 (Sevilla)
  • Prize Festival Circarte (Alicante)
  • Prize Festival Kaldearte (Vitoria)
  • Prize Festival Circaire (Mallorca)
  • Prize Festival Nosolocirco (Cáceres)
  • Prize Jaén Paraíso Interior (Jaén)